This page for 43rd SSEAYP logos T-shirt Purchase only

Please select your size and click “Buy Now” button, and then make sure your all charges and your information to 43rd JPY logos T-shirt team.
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①Those who want to receive T-shirt at ROB.

【Only $22 (T-shirt)】←If you can receive T-shirt from 43rdJPY in person at ROB or somewhere.

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②Those who want to deliver T-shirt to your home.

【Total $32 (T-shirt $22 + Postage $10)】←If you want to deliver to your home.
The postage $10 will be add on the Paypal automatically.
If you order over 3 T-shirts, please contact “Yuichi Kaneko” on Facebook messenger. I will make another invoice for you.

The shipping will be start on 22nd Nov.

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